What are the rules for interacting in the community?

Food Revolution Network is committed to building a community based on the principles of mutual respect, honesty, compassion, and fun. You can expect these qualities from our team members and we endeavor to foster such a culture in our community spaces, as well.

With that in mind, we ask everyone to operate according to the Golden Rule — treating others as you wish to be treated — when interacting with anyone else in FRN’s community. First and foremost, be polite. Real people are reading what you write and we are all affected by the energy and power of words. We also ask that when you disagree with something you read, you comment on the content and not the author. So much can be gained from lively and civil discussions!

We reserve the right to remove comments that we deem to violate the spirit of our community, and to ban anyone whose behavior is disruptive, destructive, or who refuses FRN requests to engage in a civil and supportive manner.