What is in the Impact Kit?

The Impact Kit shows you, via a collection of powerful lessons with expert teachers, exactly how to carry forward the message from the film. Here is what’s included:

Lifetime digital access to The Need to GROW documentary

12-16 Impact Lessons

Each lesson contains a video, audio mp3, and transcript, which you can download 

Over $500 worth of related bonuses

Robyn Openshaw’s Big Book of Green Smoothies ebook

Greg Peterson’s Jump Start Your Urban Farm online course

Stacey Murphy’s How to Grow $400 Worth of Vegetables & Herbs in 40 Days digital course

Food Revolution Network’s GMO: OMG! What Everyone Needs to Know Special Report

Food Revolution Network’s GMO Mini Summit


Extended interviews with the experts from the film, as well as a few who weren’t!

Outtakes and deleted scenes from the film

An optional physical DVD of the film is also available.

To purchase the Impact Kit, please CLICK HERE.

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