What is the difference between Plant-Powered & Thriving and Plant-Powered Playbook?

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Plant-Powered & Thriving (PPT) is a 6-module course that teaches individuals how to live a whole food, plant-powered lifestyle. Each module contains three video lessons and an expert interview. John and Ocean teach each of the first two lessons, and Chef Cynthia Lousie provides a recipe demonstration in the third. The expert interview in each module features a conversation with one of our esteemed colleagues related to the topic. Six recipes accompany each module (36 recipes total). Another unique feature of PPT is the Community Forum, moderated by nutritionists and coaches on our Community Success Team. You can ask questions, receive support and learn about additional resources. While the course consists of six modules, it is entirely self-paced, so you can move through it at the pace that works for you. 

PPT’s six modules (there’s an introductory module, as well) primarily focus on the following: 

  • Systems for Success 
  • Eat Your Greens 
  • Healthy on the Go 
  • Stay the Path 
  • How to Reboot 
  • Tailoring for You 

The Plant-Powered Playbook (PPP), on the other hand, is structured like a book with 15 chapters and 2–3 pages per chapter. We designed the self-paced Playbook to be a standalone, interactive, bring-it-with-you kind of resource that you can download to any device (or print out if you prefer a hard copy). The chapters are quick to consume in any order you like. PPP goes into more detail about specific plant-based eating topics. In fact, we wrote many of the chapters in response to the most common questions we receive from community members like you! 

They are: 

  • Discover Your Why 
  • Shift Your Mindset from Restriction to Abundance 
  • Plant-Based Pantry: Stock Up On Healthy Staples 
  • Where’s the Protein? What to Eat in Place of Meat 
  • Ditch Dairy: Simple Swaps That are a Piece of (plant-based) Cake 
  • Pass the Grains, Please 
  • Spilling the Beans, Lentils, and Peas 
  • How to Love Your Veggies 
  • Getting Saucy: 5 Reasons You Need Plant-Based Sauces (On Your Plate and In Your Belly) 
  • Everyday Staples as Superfoods 
  • Visual: The Plant-Powered Plate 
  • Keep It Simple: Quick & Easy Plant-Based Meals and Snacks 
  • Supplementation: Filling the Gaps 
  • How to Navigate Eating Out 
  • Build a Sustainable Game Plan 

You’ll find tips, fun facts, an engaging and informative video with Ocean and Nichole (including four fabulous recipe demos with Nichole), featured recipes, and an easy-to-implement action step in each chapter. 

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