Who is Ocean Robbins?

Ocean is an author, speaker, facilitator, father, dancer, and movement builder. As co-founder and CEO of Food Revolution Network, he has developed a platform which helps hundreds of thousands of people to stand up for the health — and the world — they want. Ocean has spoken in person to hundreds of thousands of people, and has led hundreds of retreats and events for leaders from 65+ nations. He’s written books, mentored (and learned from) some of the world’s most inspiring change makers, been a creative partner and lead editor for numerous bestsellers, and is a father of wonderful, and special needs, twins. Through it all, he is humbled and grateful to do something that matters and to be part of a movement of people around the globe who are standing up for a more healthy, sane, and loving world. Ocean is passionate about real, healthy, fair trade, natural, sustainable, local, plant-strong, and delicious food. Ocean loves to see more and more people who are bringing their food choices into alignment with what they really want and with what they really love. You can learn more about him on his website here: https://www.oceanrobbins.com.

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