Can I ask personal health and nutrition questions in Plant-Powered & Thriving?

As an organization, we are not able to provide individually tailored nutritional advice.

With regard to Plant-Powered & Thriving specifically, we have hosted two Q&A sessions with John, Ocean, and Chef Cynthia Louise, during which many questions were asked and answered. The recordings are available with your course materials in the Member Center. You might discover that another course participant asked your question. 

NOTE: We are no longer using Facebook as part of Plant-Powered & Thriving because we have developed our own Community Forum directly through our website. The old Facebook group for PPT will remain open but we no longer accept new members and we will no longer moderate it. We encourage all of our current Plant-Powered & Thriving participants and alumni to connect with one another in our community forum where Chef Cynthia Louise will provide support. 

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