How is WHOLE Life Club different than Plant-Powered and Thriving?

WHOLE Life Club is an ongoing membership community that is designed to be continuous and to build over time. So you don't just implement your healthy eating lifestyle - you also sustain and optimize it. Also, because it's ongoing, the weekly and monthly actions are all designed to make efficient use of your time so you can stick with it and deepen it over time.

While Plant-Powered and Thriving is a bit of a "crash course,”  WHOLE Life Club is more of a lifestyle program. Also, Plant-Powered and Thriving is generally only offered once per year, whereas WHOLE Life Club is the first program in FRN's history to be available year-round. For Plant-Powered and Thriving alumni, joining WHOLE Life Club is a perfect complement and next step. For folks who haven't taken Plant-Powered and Thriving, they will find that it's immensely valuable and stands independently without any need for Plant-Powered and Thriving as a prerequisite.

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