What are the benefits of joining WHOLE Life Club?

Food can be the foundation of health — or of disease. WHOLE Life Club shares information that is easy-to-digest and the tools that make putting knowledge into action uncomplicated. Members receive help to develop, stick with, and steadily improve positive food habits, providing trustworthy insights, simple-to-implement steps, and an accountability and support community.


“Knowledge you can use, from experts you can trust”

  • Monthly video interviews with special guest experts (including Q & A).
  • Lifetime recording access, transcripts, and action guides.
  • Weekly, easy to implement “win of the week”-type action tip(s) and supplemental, deep-dive bonus resources.


“Love foods that love you back”

  • Weekly set of hand-selected, delicious, plant-powered recipes that combine ease of preparation, delicious flavor, outstanding nutrition, and affordability.
  • Weekly menu suggestions that incorporate these recipes.
  • Tips and tricks that make recipe and menu planning simple and efficient.


“Be a part of the WHOLE”

  • Join health-minded people sharing insights, receiving guidance, discovering how to make healthy food simple, spreading the food revolution, and achieving their lifestyle goals.
  • Gain access to community-provided WHOLE Life Hacks and innovations.
  • Access to a moderated forum to ask your questions and get trustworthy, real answers.

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