Why do you charge for Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Packages?

Charging money for each year's Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package — which offers unlimited access to the material from our Summit — and our other programs allows us to have a sustainable operation, which can pay the many people who work hard putting it all together. You may be aware of other advocacy organizations working towards a healthy and sustainable future that ask for donations and grants in their efforts to sustain and grow their operations. Food Revolution Network uses a different form of funding for our work. When we offer our participants the opportunity to purchase a valuable product, it means that we have meticulously prepared it to be professional and high quality. As a result of our success, we are also able to offer a limited number of our products free of charge to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to buy them, and we are able to reach more people of all financial means. We believe our work is proving to make a meaningful contribution to the larger food revolution.