Do you promote any particular diet?

Food Revolution Network supports a “big tent” approach that is welcoming of people from a variety of different perspectives and lifestyles. We believe we can be most effective in reaching our mission by pointing in a direction rather than pointing to a destination, such as a specific diet or a specific set of detailed, prescriptive guidelines.

We recognize that each person is unique, and that no diet is right for everyone. We encourage whole food, plant-based diets based on the latest information in nutritional science. Thus, we focus on building consensus and building a group of experts and eaters who can move our movement forward. The experts we trust generally point towards more whole, local, sustainably produced, natural, organic, non-GMO, plant-based, humane, and fairly traded foods.

While the experts we trust may differ on various topics, it is our point of view that the science strongly points to a general direction that is best for human health, animals, and the planet — a healthy diet should focus on eating mostly whole, minimally processed foods that are produced ethically and sustainably and are primarily sourced from plants.   

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