Why do you occasionally promote products?

John and Ocean both have decades of experience running nonprofit organizations. As you are probably aware, nonprofit organizations spend considerable time and energy on obtaining grants and donations. When founding Food Revolution Network, John and Ocean set out to create a self-sustaining, mission-driven social enterprise.

To that end, after a thorough vetting process, yes, there are times Ocean will share products and service offerings that provide a referral commission to FRN that goes directly to supporting our mission, growth, and overall global impact toward achieving our mission of healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all.

We take the responsibility associated with recommending products and services to you seriously, and we never share things that we don't believe in ourselves. Furthermore, we hope you never feel pressured to purchase a product or service just because we recommend it. If you're interested in making the purchase, great; if you're not, then that's great, too. Truly.

We believe that everything we promote can provide a positive impact on people's lives, but nothing is right for everyone, and there is never any implied expectation to make a purchase based on our opinion alone.

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